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All Over Printing

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We are a professional custom printing t-shirts China manufacturer.Our main business is custom and produce good quality tee shirts. Screen prints tee shirts are great for bulk and wholesale order.Therefore,you can wholesale shirt printing.
Custom screen print photo on shirts to promote your style.Contact us now!

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Take your design outside of the standard front and back prints areas into an all over print. We can help transform your standard logo or design into a cool all over print that will wow.

fabric digital printing

  Digital fabric printing Durable and vivid fabric printing on a variety of bases – cotton woven and jersey fabrics. The highest quality of fabric printing on stunning sewing fabrics.

Cut off digital printing

 This process allows for single pieces, mid to small-run cycle production and even long-runs as an alternative option to screen printed fabric.
Commonly used in sportswear

Garment digital print

which include sublimation and screen printing. Sublimation printing is typically done on white, synthetic materials such as polyester. 
igit printing t-shirts,all ,Custom design

All Over Printing

There are two popular methods of printing all over shirts, which include sublimation and screen printing. Sublimation printing is typically done on white, synthetic materials such as polyester. Using heat and pressure, you transfer a design from specially formulated printers to the substrate. The end result actually dyes the fibers leaving you a no feel print. While this option is really fantastic for all over t-shirt printing, there are only certain situations in which this method can be used.

You typically see all over sublimation on more athletic type uses such as cycling jerseys, motocross jerseys and other athletic apparel Just like all over screen printing is recommend to be done on cotton, all over sublimation is recommend for synthetic white fibers. If you are looking for a more standard cotton t-shirt, all over printing via screen printing is going to be the best option for you. Send your all over print shirts ideas to our team and we will be happy to evaluate and determine which option fits you. Some other popular products used for sublimation include mousepads, tiles, koozies and mugs.

  • All Over Screen Printing
  • All Over Sublimation

All Over Printing Design Guidelines

More often than not, design accommodations need to be made for all over shirt prints. We’ve taken the guess work out of it for you and have created an all over print shirts design guideline so you can understand the changes that might be made to your design.

All Over Printing Design Samples

We Use The Traditional Screen Printing Process To Create Your Custom All Over Printed Shirts. Get All Over Print Shirts This Year Instead Of Doing The Same ‘Ole Thing! All Over T-Shirt Printing Is A HOT Retail Look That Is Available For Custom Printed T-Shirts! It Is Bigger And Better Than Jumbo Or Oversized Printing. Your Tee Shirts Will Stand Out From The Crowd In A Fantastic Design And Can Even Span The Entire Length And Width Of The T-Shirt! All Over Printing Is Available On Men’s Short Sleeve Tees, Ladies’ Tees, And Even Kid’s Tees! And, With A Low Minimum Of Just 12 Shirts Per Design And A Fast Turnaround Of Just Two Weeks, You Can Get All Over Print Shirts With A Trendy, Fashion-Forward Print Style For Your Team, Club, Or Special Event! Our All Over Print Shirt Printing Process Uses Traditional Silk Screen Printing Methods So It Will Be Sure To Last Wash After Wash, Year After Year.

T-Shirt & All Over Printing Garment Catalog

While all over shirt printing is typically done on standard cotton tees, we also over all over prints on ladies, v-necks and even kids! Check out our garment catalog to find the right shirt for you or just ask our customer service team! We will help you choose the right shirt for your custom all over printing shirts.

All Over Printing Process

All over t-shirt printing is a little bit more complicated than traditional screen printing, so there are a few more limitations. All over shirt printing uses water based inks so we need cotton tees. Learn more about or limitations with our great all over print shirts reference guide. Don’t worry, our team will help you through it.

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