T-Shirt Digital Printing

let’s get familiar with the world’s most accessible print technique.
Direct-To-Garment printing has come a long way in the last ten years;

  • The Fastest Turnaround Times
  • Unmatched Print Quality
  • Superior-Grade Materials
  • Reasonable Pricing
digital printing t-shirts
Brother GTXPRO B digital printing t-shirts

So, what’s T-Shirt Digital Printing all about?

T-Shirt Digital Printing or Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing is a relative newcomer to the t-shirt printing game, centring around a wide format inkjet printer that prints directly onto the surface of a t-shirt or garment. Printers like this have existed since the mid 2000’s, but the technology has come a long way since then. There are many different types of digital t-shirt printers out there, we have two DTG printers from the market-leaders, Brother GTXPRO B , that offer exceptional print quality with superior washability. The efficiency of these DTG printers is what makes one-off t-shirt printing possible, so you can order just one t-shirt and still have a retail quality result at a surprisingly low cost.

How long do t-shirt digital prints last?

With the right care (it’s not rocket science), your flashy new digital prints will last for many years to come, and could even outlive the shirt. To lock this in, we recommend washing inside-out with cold water and then air-drying on a coat hanger instead of opting for a lazy dryer.

How to obtain high quality digital printing?

Provide quality documents

How do digital prints t-shirt feel?

Because our DTG printers use water based inks, our digital t-shirt prints have a retail quality touch. On dark garments the prints sit on top of the fabric so you can feel them but on white garments the ink almost goes into the fabric and so the print feels very soft to touch.

What types of orders suit t-shirt digital printing?

Digital printing is perfect for smaller orders (1-19 units) and photographic images. Our DTG printers replicate colours and gradients with exceptional accuracy for photographic reproductions. If you’re ordering a large order with a design that doesn’t have many colours, we recommend you opt for a screen-printed solution, click here to learn more.

How do I get a good digital print result?

To get a good print result you need to use a high resolution image. The easiest way to check image resolution is to zoom in on your screen to the scale you want it printed and see if it looks blurry or crisp. If you’re a little more tech savvy, ensure your image is at least 300DPI at the dimensions you want printed. For digital prints, we recommend uploading a .png file or a high res .tiff file (note that for screen printing orders we recommend an .eps file). Our Online Designer will give you an indication of the quality of your upload.

Custom printing

Custom T-shirts, no minimums!

We know you’ve got the creative bug in you. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to create your very own custom t-shirt. Upload your favorite text or photo, customize your shirt and hit print. It’s that simple. Don’t have the creative mojo flowing? Don’t worry: Our talented artists will do the hard work for you. Peruse hundreds of original designs at 9DTG, from nerdy to inspiring to pop culture. All of our shirts are made with 100% cotton and printed with long-lasting water-based ink.

Choose from our closet of high-quality t-shirts, upload your text or image to our simple Online Designer, customize, and hit print. You’ll have your brand new, personalized tee in no time. If you need a little help, our 9DTG features hundreds of original designs by our very own team of artists. Print whatever you want on whatever you like. We’ve made it simple at The Print Bar.



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